Our Story

Hey There! 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our growing business. What started off as a young woman’s dream has transformed into a full grown business and it’s all thanks to customers like you! Read on to learn about how On The Table came to be.


Meet Rachel Kupfer:

Founder & Boss Babe of An All Female Operated Business

Rachel aka Raychill, began her career working at her Aunt Lulu’s gift shop in The Five Towns, New York. She instantly fell in love with the world of retail and grew eager to open up her own shop. When the opportunity to partner on a retail space with a fellow entrepreneur came up, Raychill boldly took the risk. It didn’t matter to her that her new business venture would require crossing a bridge into a town she'd never stepped into before or that the shared space would be tight, all she knew was that she had a passion for retail and wanted to make that dream come true.

She happily began selling tabletop accessories and gifts in Teaneck, New Jersey. Her unique taste and magnetic personality drew people in and soon word about On The Table spread. It quickly became the go to place for “hostess” gifts and didn't take long for her to realize that she was going to need a bigger space and larger staff to accommodate the high demand. 

That was back in 2013. Through the outpour of support from her customers, On The Table has since expanded and moved to a larger location just a few blocks down and has proudly become a staple in Bergen County. Since then, O.T.T. remains the one-stop-shop for anything from tabletop needs to jewelry, gifts, home decor, wedding registries and sometimes even just a place to pop in and say hello! We're grateful to be able to ship our products to doorsteps all around the world and extend our passion for creative expression forward.

On The Table is proud to be a part of the Bergen community and looks forward to coming up with creative ways to fill all of our customers needs. Whether it be a small feat of helping someone find that perfect thank you gift, creating thousands of our famous Purim Mishloach Manot baskets for large orders, or supporting local charities, we're dedicated to making creative dreams come true.

If you’ve seen us on Instagram, then you know that we don’t take ourselves too seriously around here and love to make our customers smile by giving them a good laugh! We strive to be more than just a retail store, we love when our customers come in and have fun expressing their creativity through our products. Oftentimes they inspire us with ideas that we can then share!

Each one of our customers is a part of our extended family and as Raychill puts it: ‘‘I don’t believe a human can work in retail if they don’t truly love it” and she really does, even when it proves to be very challenging at times “and I equally believe there’s a special place in heaven for retail owners!’’ fingers crossed for you, Raych. 

If you ever find yourself in Teaneck, pop in to say hello and in the meantime, we hope you feel like part of our family here, after all, we're here because of you.


Who Run The World? Girls.