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Shot Dispenser with 6 Glass Shot Glasses

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Drink For Joy with The JoyJolt Glass Drink Dispenser and Shot Glass Set! Carry tequila glasses with more stability, and serve up 1-6 premium shots neatly and effortlessly, because this shot glass dispenser set comes with real glass shot glasses that keep things more stable when empty or full. Not to mention, it makes the shot glass holder look nicer for reasons like: Shabbat Kiddush, Wedding Shot Glasses Set, A Unique Kombucha or Smoothie Shot Pourer and more - get creative!

• 32oz Shot Dispenser with 6 Shot Glasses (1.5oz)
• Dishwasher Safe Shot Glasses
• Handwash Shot Dispenser
• 5.75” Wide, 6.5” Tall
• Pick It All Up and Carry Everything To Guests!
• Gift boxed with secure padding
• 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty