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Neoprene Large Tote Bags

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Not too fancy, not too proper, not too bright, not too in your face, all business and all casual. That pretty much sums me up. I love the camo trend and it has truly become the new neutral. Our twist is with the tangerine and turquoise to take camo to a new level. I have always loved orange and this tangerine tone is flawless. The duel shades of turquoise took me to my happy place and made me think of the ocean. I know this tote will take you to your happy place also.

These neoprene totes are perfect for those who love just enough color without going crazy. They are business casual at its finest.

These totes will soon become your favorite for all things travel, business or even fitness.


  • Classic, spacious and flexible describe our large tote.
  • The additional privacy pouch can keep you organized while on the go.
  • Tote-23" wide (side panels expanded) x 12" tall x 11" deep
  • Privacy Pouch-8" wide x 5.5" tall x 1" deep