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Classic Can Shape Tumbler Drinking Glass Set

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These tumbler glasses rock for all your social sippables! Can-shaped drinking glasses? Yup. Iced tea? Oh yeah. Mixed drinks? You betcha! Kitchen glasses? For sure! Beer glasses for him or her? You'd better believe it! These tall tumblers are the bee's knees for the fam, plus a cute alcohol glass for mom and the big beer glass every beer drinker searches for on hot summer days. Iced coffee/tea glasses? Absolutely!! Make iced anything look fun—it's what they do best.


• 6 Pack of Can Shaped Glasses (16oz / Pint)
• Robust and Durable, Won’t Break in Your Hands!
• Thicker Soda Lime Glass Set, 5.5in Tall, 3in Wide
• Smooth Rolled Rim and 1/3in Thick Base
• Dishwasher Safe Drinking Cups